About Us


  About Unico Team

integrity, professionalism and dedicated service

Over 30 years trusted by plastic surgeons, and one of well-known bellwether in medical field in Taiwan.
Unico team is acting not just an agent, we turn our values into customers' competitive advantage.
This make Unico become doctors favorite partner.


 Unico Medical

Think about customer priority

Unico Medical established at 1987, specializing in high quality of plastic surgery implants import.
Be a stakeholder of Shending Industrial in 1992 in Shanghai. Shending Inducstrial produce surgical tools such as surgical scissors, forceps, dilator and tissue forceps etc.

Since then till now, Unico became the multiple medical implants exclusive distributor in plastic surgery industry in Taiwan.


  Mission & Vision

Grow with customer, win market together

To keep up with rapid development of the market and stay competitive.
We continue to track up-to-date clinical data and provide interactive training for companies to ensure that clients achieve the best results in terms of safety and aesthetics.

Customer satisfaction is our highest goal

In order to meet our customers' demands, we commit ourselves to providing them with the best possible service and products.
Quality is the most important principle guiding our work.